Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Game of the Season

Yesterday was the first baseball game that I went to in the 2010 season, the Blue Jays vs. Orioles. I was looking over my schedule and noticed that there was no way I could attend any other games in April, so rather than wasting the entire month, I wanted to attend this game.

I really thought the O's would win this game, and seeing how I have a 15-1 record in attending O's game, I figure I would bring the team some luck. I was sadly mistaken. The O's have been getting excellent starting pitching, however their closer Mike Gonzalez has blown two games, and has really cause the club three games total. DH took the ball for the O's and looked excellent in his season debut, however bad luck was in store for David, because the O's bats could not give him one single run. I was very ticked off about that, but it happens in baseball. Kind of weird though how last year the issues were starting pitching and the ball pen, this season thus far has been the bats and the closer. Go figure.

I also lost my six game beat the streak because I picked Nick. Oh well, going to have to restart the streak!

Here's DT presser after the game...

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