Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beat the Streak!

Here's a really cool promo contest that runs every season and it's called "Beat the Streak". I'm sure most people know what this contest is, but if they don't here's a brief outlook.

"Free and easy to play, Beat the Streak is in its 10th season with a top prize of $3 million awaiting the first fan to “pick safely” in 57 straight games. The Beat the Streak Report gives you the lowdown on the best picks for today, a recap of how the most popular picks performed in yesterday’s action and profiles of fans with the longest current streaks."

Here's the Link!

Now the first game of the season is the Red Sox vs. Yankees.

I'm picking Curtis Granderson. His number's against Josh Beckett are really bad, but I feel Curtis will do something and help the Yanks win this game.

It's a long season, let's see what happens!

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