Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great Game

Went to the Orioles game on Thursday for Adam Jones mini-bobble head night. Millwood didn't have his best stuff, but thankfully the Orioles bats were hot and hit around Nate Robertson. The O's bats are starting to hit nicely, and since it's so hot in Baltimore it should only help them more. Adam Jones has been doing great recently, and ever since Nick spoke out about the team, they have responded and been playing better, which is always positive. This was the best O's game I went to this year, and I hope the team keeps playing better. Three in a row tonight against the Nationals.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Fantasy Slump

Fantasy Baseball is the best because unlike other fantasy sports outlets (football, basketball, hockey), baseball is very much like the actual game. If you make the wrong manger decisions, it could cost you the game or the weekly match. You can also be on absolute fire, and then in the blink of an eye, go into a terrible tailspin. Unfortunately for me, I'm doing the latter.

I started out amazing and completely on fire. I was hitting, stealing, pitching, and getting a lot of runs. My winning record was about (PCT: 550). At one point I was 15 games over 500. Now I'm 61-63-8 (492). And while these last couple weeks have got me thinking what the problem is, it couldn't be more apparent. HITTING.

My league ranks in all major stats...

R - 6 (351)
HR - 6 (77)
RBI - 9 (305)
BB - 1 (295)
SB - 4 (66)
AVG - 10 (261)

So I'm dead last in AVG, almost dead last in RBIs, and in the bottom half for Runs and Homers. Not good.

Mark Reynolds has not been what I've hope for. His AVG is so bad (217) although his homers and RBIs are good. Utley has been in his worst career funk since playing baseball, although these last couple of days he has shown vast improvement. I've lost my best hitter in Tulo. I've also have been getting nothing from Markakis, (RBI/HR wise) which I don't blame Nick for the RBIs because almost all teams pitch around him and he doesn't get many chances to even knock guys in.

The only bright spot in this slump has been my pitching....Lester, Ubaldo, Lackey, Shields, Wilson, Papi, Johan.

We shall see what happens this week, but if I don't win this week, I need to shake things up. ASAP.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wild One...

The game was wild, it was like a see-saw match. But it was a lot of fun, and it was great to see the Phils get the win. Mike Stanton looked great for the Marlins as well. It's late tonight and I wanted to post this, Blogspot seems to freeze a lot but maybe it's just me. Either win, a lot of fun at this game!