Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3rd Week of FB

We are officially in the third week of fantasy baseball and thus far my record for my main league is (12-10-2); 4th Overall in the League and 3rd in my division. While I'm happy thus far from the power production of my team, I must say that my pitching has been quite frustrating thus far. Jon Lester has been struggling terribly, and I know history says that Lester usually always has an slow start, to go along with his bad April, but this is too much.

Here's his stat line for three games...

3GS 16.0IP 21H 15ER 9BB 14K 0W 2L 0SV 8.44ERA 1.88WHIP

The strike outs are pretty decent for Lester, but the earn runs and walks are way too high. I know it's early, but I hope he can turn the corner. Justin Verlander did this last year as well, and I stuck with him, and he turned the corner and then some. I believe Lester can do that as well. However I picked the Rays to win the WC, and truly I believe Boston will finish in 3rd Place, because not too many moves they made over the off-season really impressed me.

Let's focus on some positives though. Mr. Ubaldo Jimenez. Here's his stat lines...

3GS 21.0IP 15H 3ER 10BB 20K 3W 0L 0SV 1.29ERA 1.19WHIP

Clearly Ubaldo has been my pitching MVP thus far and has been picking up Lester big time. Add the no hitter than Jimenez had against the Braves, and he has been on fire. However he is due for a down to earth game, and I think his next start he might struggle some, let's hope not, but it could happen.

This week I'm playing Brian, so this is no easy stretch by any means, but I'm hoping that I can pull away with a win. Let's see what happens this week...

Matchup 1 (Apr 4 - 11) Against Ray 7-5-0 W

Matchup 2 (Apr 12 - 18) Against Dennis 5-5-2 Tie [Note: Even though I lost WHIP/ERA AND had the Jimenez no-no both Lester and Kyle Kendrick did me in badly that week giving up a total of 17 earned runs. OUCH!]

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