Friday, August 27, 2010

Happ vs. Halladay..What?

My first back-to-back games in a long time. I was very glad to see this match up of Happ vs. Halladay. Unfortunately though for the Phillies Happ and the Astros were the better team that night and they beat the Phillies. I really liked watching J.A. Happ when he was with us from the minors to his last start. He's going to be a great pitcher in the future and have a nice career, hopefully he does a lot of great things fro the Astros organization. But I was a little disappointed about going to two straight back-to-back loses. That cramps my style, but the bottom line is that the Phils are not hitting, and when we are not hitting, we are not going to win many games. Maybe we end our troubles on the road?

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