Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second Phils Game...

My second Phillies game of the season was one in which it was freezing out. It was about 38-45 degrees out and the wind chill was insane, unluckily for me I was way under dressed because I believed the hype that Six ABC was talking about how it would be "hoodie-type" weather. Boy they were way wrong. Either way though, despite the freezing weather, the game was a lot of fun! This was my first time seeing Roy Halladay pitch, and I must say, I was greatly impressed with everything he did. The man just knows how to pitch and he's completely old school in how he pitches, he refuses to come out, and he works the whole nine innings. Truly one of the best pitchers in the game right now, if not the best pitcher in the National League. I just love watching him, even better it was his bobble-head night. And I was able to get mine!

I got this picture from another website, but I'm keeping mine in the box as I usually do. I have every Phillies bobble-head from 2005 and up. So now I have another great one to my collection, plus I got SRO to the Carlos Ruiz bobble head in August!

Looking forward to more baseball!

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