Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost Saw the No-Hitter

I went to the Phillies vs. Red Sox game on Saturday, and I almost saw baseball history. Dice-K almost threw the first no-hitter at Citizens Bank Park but Juan Castro broke up the bid in the 8th inning. The career 230 hitting Castro! Who would have thought!?

To be honest at first I was somewhat pulling for the no-no because I've never personally seen one in person, but we had several Red Sox fans in our section and they were beyond obnoxious, and during every single Phillie out they would stand up, cheer very loudly, and proceeded to talk a bunch of junk to the people around them; stuff like "Your team f*cking sucks", "Your city sucks" etc, etc. This is the second time I've watched the Red Sox play, and all three times the fans that have come into the seats have been terrible. Twice with the Phillies and once with the Orioles. They are generally worst down Camden Yards to boot, last year when I when to the Orioles and Red Sox game at Camden Yards, some random Sox fan tried stealing my program/score-card sheet because I went to get some soda and peanuts, I come back to my seats and his giving out my stuff to his family. Crazy! So with these fans in my section, I was pulling hard for the Phils to get that hit, and Juan Castro came through! THANK GOD!

Overall I'm probably not going to go to any more Sox games, I just get really pissed, and it stunk because the Phils almost got no-hit, luckly they didn't and spare us fans in the seats of seeing the home team get the ultimate embarrassment.

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