Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Season Ticket Dude

Well today despite all the snow, and all the windy conditions that will be known as the "Blizzard of 2010", I finally manage to get my Phillies 2010 partial season tickets!! It's a partial plan (seventeen games) and I can't wait to attend my first game this year (4/15 against the Nats - NL ring ceremony). In the past I have always done the Six Pack Plans but with the raise in ticket prices, I decided it would be cheaper to just buy the seventeen game plan. This way I get more games, and possible post-season tickets (if we do well again this year). Here's a list of all the teams that I will be seeing at the park this year...

Nationals (2), Mets (2), Cardinals, Pirates, Red Sox, Padres, Marlins (2), Indians, Braves (2), Reds, D-Backs, Astros & Brewers.

I'm pumped at getting the Roy Halladay bobble head game because I heard that game is already sold out to the general public. I'm such a huge Doc fan, he bailed me out some many times through the years VIA fantasy baseball. It's still surreal that he will be pitching in the NL East, and for the Phils this season. The only game in my plan that I will not be going to is the Red Sox game because I don't like most of the Sox's fans attitude. I went to two O's vs. Sox games last year, and they were really rude, and were acting like they owned the place. Lucky for me, one of the games was the comeback game with the hour 1/2 rain delay.

The only other thing I'm waiting on now is when the Orioles announce their Six Pack Plan. Baltimore is too far away to buy a season ticket plan, but I like what they offered last year with the Six Pack Plan. With that I could chose all the games I wanted and work around my summer plans, and other games. Hopefully they bring back that plan, I e-mailed the O's about it, but they didn't respond. And the folks at Fan fest were not sure either! Either way in the beginning of the year, they had the Opening Day Four Pack, so if worst comes to worst, maybe they will offer some other type of package plan. One can only hope!

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