Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baseball Meeting...Tonight!

Tonight is our big fantasy baseball meeting, and I must say, it has been a long time coming. I was joking around at work over the last week that I was going to arrive in style, in a limo. I'm pretty sure that most people thought I was serious, well I sure don't have money to blow like that. The issues that I'm really pulling for in this league are the following: (1) A minimum of 10 starting pitching starts. (2) No keepers. (3) Minimum must start at least three pitchers a week (to avoid mangers just using relief pitching). (4) Only Five (5) pickups per match, per week. (5) More bench slots. (6) Cutting Hits and IP from the scoring.

I've already talked with most of the league members and it's pretty much 85% that most of this stuff is going to get passed, which I'm glad about. It adds more skill to the matches, but also adds more fun, instead of people just streaming the pitching and winning in quantity.

I'm also going to find out my draft position tonight. I had the 1st pick last year, but something tells me I might get that again. In either case, it does not make a big different to me, but I would love to get anywhere from 2-5.

I'm also official ticked off at ESPN for saying the Nick Markakis is the most "overrated" fantasy baseball player, and Matthew Berry said too many people drink the kool-aid on him. Bull. I love drafting Nick because I know what I'm getting. 300 AVG, 15 + HRs, 80 + RBIs, etc. He always brings the same numbers to the table, and I respect, and enjoy that a lot on my team. Haters hate on!!


  1. I did actually! We just barely got the keepers voted out by a two vote margin. I also got the 3rd pick. So I'm thinking hard on who to take. Plus I'm trying to think where I should take Nick because he is projected for Rounds 5-7. But the guys in my league want Nick to spite me, so I might take him super early and in the 3rd round.