Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Season RECAP - Part One

I've been meaning for awhile to post about the outcome that was the official second season of fantasy baseball for myself. If I could sum up my season in one word it would simply be..."disappointing".

I came into the league defending my championship from last season, and after April a lot of things just seemed to fall apart from an offensive standpoint. I didn't hit the long ball, I had the most brutal run producing lineup, and I had many many injuries that needed to be mended through the waiver wire. When I finally started getting offense in the second half of the season, my pitching completely tanked. I've never had pitching that bad, and to watch a lot of my pitchers go out there, and give up runs by the boatload was worst than the offensive woes of the first half. A lot of different things are the reasons for these problems. However, despite these grueling bumps, I was able to manage the team into the playoffs and gain the last seed.

The crazy part of the entire mess was I only lost by .007 AVG points to the champion ~ Brian. After the first round, Brian would go on to crush Frank and destroy Jay West in the championship match. I guess the only part that I can feel happy about myself is that I gave the champ his toughest match. But that still doesn't make me feel any better.

Another part of the puzzle that makes me disappointed is my overall record for the season. Which was:

(115-121-16) .488

I was under .500 which is for lack of a better word - terrible. Moreso when last season I was about 20 games over .500. Either way, if I didn't make the playoffs this would have been a season from hell.

Here's this team's overall league ranks in the following areas:

League Rank: (out of 10 teams)

R - 7th (783)
HR - 7th (191)
RBI - 8th (733)
BB - 1st (654)
SB - 4th (135)
AVG - 10th (.269)

K - 1st (1412)
W - 5th (101)
L - 10th (101)
SV - 2nd (129)
ERA - 9th (4.07)
WHIP - 10th (1.34)


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